Ukraine-Russia Crisis Thread

Just good guy stuff


Very bleak, Ukrainians hit both by Russia and their own government

Xi in Russia and Poland/Slovakia giving planes to the ukraine. Spring is gonna be rough

Himars aren’t free, son.

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I’m sure Putin will be the perfect gentleman and hand himself in

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Russia has already said that it doesn’t recognise the ICC, which was the inevitable consequence of the US and Israel having the same policy.


putin rn

Steve Coogan Shrug GIF


Get him on the plane!

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I think he’s referring to the law they have that gives them the right to invade the Hague if US soldiers are on trial for war crimes.

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They’re not too keen on laws being applied to them I suppose.

Has that changed recently? I remember quite recently that lunatic neocon with a moustache (briefly Trumps NSA, can’t remember his name) declaring with great gusto that the US no longer recognised it and that “maybe now it can finally die, because after all it is already dead to us” like a grandstanding fascist twat/

Right… so they recognise it as long as it has no jurisdiction whatsoever over American citizens and only over citizens of countries America currently dislikes. Sounds about right.

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