yeah i’d eat that

Their vegan ones are SO GOOD
I’ve had them all but the chocolate ganache one is the best.
I saw someone online slagging it off tho saying it’s too much and hard to eat. FUCK OFF MATE

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Chocolate for me.

Some people don’t deserve nice things.

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I have been working out if I could get a night’s worth of camping stuff in my 7 litre seatpost bag. probably not.

how would you go about that?

think i would eat approx half the doughnut, then proceed to dip the bananananana into the caramel and finish with the remaining half doughnut

slightly concerned about whether the structural integrity of the halved bananananana would be up to the challenge of the amount of caramel i’d be attempting to load the end with. potential pitfall: end of the banananananana falling into the caramel dip and having to retrieve the banananananana end with my fingers. much mess.

sans tent and sleepy bag: maybe

Having the ingredients alongside is more for promotional purposes japesy. Literally just pushed the doughnut into my face last time I was at Broadway Market. The doughnut was dessert after a haggis toastie main.

the things i would do for a chocolate ganache doughnut right now

awful things


terrible things.



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literally living the dream


Tomorrow I will go to the Nottingham doughnut company for a salted caramel miracle.

I want to get a cup of tea but I’ve taken my shoes off and I can’t be bothered putting them back on.

Wish I had an assistant.

I can’t remember which doughnut this was. It was from Voodoo Doughnuts in Austin, Texas a few months ago. Probably a thousand calories too.

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What does it do?

gravy rings



Probably Strawberry Vanilla glaze :doughnut:

These are the only doughnut pics I could find stashed away in my photos. I was pretty sure there was more… I obviously ate them before I could take a photo :blush:


I presume you’re all aware of this -

ooh that beer and doughnut pairing looks

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I’m just waiting for @unlucky to slag off the head on that beer.