Ultimate first world problems


Aw, diddums. I mean, it must be so hard for Nickelback, all these mean and nasty things said to these impoverished people, victims of 10,000 years of white male patriarchy. It’s true that Nickelback fans were the biggest victims of post-Brexit and Trump hate crime. This oppression and suffering of the guys who brought us How You Remind Me and… the other one from Spiderman and, er… It’s up there with Syria.


You leave nickelback alone


When lastfm did a survey to connect social attitudes to band fanbases, Nickleback’s came out as the most likely to support capital punishment :+1:


The Trumpiest band ever.


For balance though, I really wished Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Bryan Cranston, Samuel L Jackson and all those celebrity Clinton fans saying they’d move to Canada if Trump won would actually go through with it.


For saskatchewans and bants.


I’m so, so sorry. I know it’s late and I’m talking to myself but oh god surely not the polic




that video is chilling. eating a piece of plain toast just confirms he’s a sociopath.


i ask you now, who among us HASN’T eatened a “piece” of plain toast?


think that reflects quite well on her




Also: doesn’t Chad Thingybob look like a million times better with shorter hair.


That’s what Avril shouldve tweeted about if she wanted to cause a real burn… say what you like about nickelback butOMG you eat plain toast wtf!!!11


so much ammo to use from that video. he’s a creepy robot man.



Hang on they’re married? What eh ah actually I don’t care


bit racist mate eh :maple_leaf:


they separated last year but i think they’re back together now?

haven’t heard avril lavigne song since ‘girlfriend’, but i do know from crap celeb goss consumption that she has the name of the kardashians’ step-brother on her ribs and also a tattoo from when she was married to the bloke from sum 41 :thumbsup:


See I knew about Sum 41 lad and just kinda assumed they lived on in pop punk happily ever after land


Just Wiki’d. She’s had THIRTEEN singles out since then. Bet none of us can name a single one of them.

(Nor the SEVEN singles between Sk8er Boi and Girlfriend tbh).