Ultimate painting

fucker, was looking forward to that new album

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oh no! saw them just before Christmas and they were very good again. sucks

they’ll always have a place in my heart for having the same song + album + band name holy trinity.

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I was due to review this record and it was sounding good so can only guess whatever happened is pretty serious

That’s a shame. Yer man jack did seem to be doing a lot more in his own right enough.


Ah that sucks! I was just eyeing up tickets for one of their shows. Ace catalogue though still need to check out Jack’s solo stuff.

Shame, glad I caught them live touring the third album. Quite happy for Jack to just keep churning out solo stuff though.

aye that’s what i thought, must be a pretty bad situation to pull the record entirely


Yeah…it must be serious. Really sad either way…i think the greatest shame is that presumably they won’t do shows ever again…because they are a stronger live band than recording one.

In all seriousness I hope this split is just the result of usual petty hatred between members or ‘creative differences,’ and not the result of anything tragic or heinous.

I don’t think you pull a whole record that’s being promoted and readied for release just over creative differences tbh… :confused:

Possibly - it does say in the statement that the two members have always had a pretty frail relationship, which could indicate that nothing that out of the ordinary has happened and that they’ve just reached a breaking point with each other.

Or it could mean that one of them has done something really bad to the other. Or something else. Just speculating at the moment and sincerely hope that both of them are ok as human beings

yeah, again, I still think it has to be pretty bad to pull a whole record that people will have put money into promoting weeks before release this suddenly. If it was just a frail relationship they’d still put the record out and then maybe cancel the tour (or even suck it through that), but this suggests it’s tainted now. I’m obviously speculating too but it’s very usual to do this without a good reason.

But yeah also hope whatever is going on they are ok


Gutted about this. One of my favorite bands from the last few years and the new song sounds so good.

Yeah it’s a totally odd statement on that point.

Obviously if there’s no band then it’s understandably not really in Bella Union’s interests to put out the previously announced album

I mean it really is in their interests to put it out, isn’t it? Music doesn’t need a band behind it?

But this is the first I’ve heard of this band (whoops) so it may simply be my lack of background knowledge there. E.g. the fact that Cooper says “I’ve asked them not to release…” as in it’s suddenly sounding like his personal decision?

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Maybe, that was my first thought, but i guess it’s possible that it’s not really in their interests to promote them if the band aren’t willing to promote their own music

Nah records sell plenty even when bands split up, sometimes better, and they’d have already paid to promote it so it would still be in their interest to release it

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Yeah, true. Might actually sell more records. Though that doesn’t necessarily equal a return. Dunno if indie labels take tour/merch cuts these days, as i assume that’s where the money is to be made

That’s a fair point about touring, you’d think the label would get a little bit of that, but they could still sell merch as a commemorative thing.

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Ultimate Painting commemorative plate. Good idea