Ultimate Salad

Obviously it’s so warm we’re all only eating salads at home and that. Wondered what peoples favourite homemade salads are as i’ve hit a bit of a wall, #creatively.

Open to ideas, so long as they don’t include fennel, which obviously tastes like bigfoot’s cock. Lettuce, onion and sweetcorn are no-no’s for me as well, not wasting my life trying to get them on my fork, and fuck radishes.

My only real staples are beetroot, rainbow tomatoes or sometimes beef tomatoes, chunky spring onions, feta cheese, sweet potato, rocket, bit of avocado.

I’ll take it for granted we all opt for a bit of white crusty bread. Not much of a dressings man. Don’t really like the taste of olive oil no matter the quality, so normally get the garlic one. Plenty of black pepper.


The harvester salad cart special:
Croutons, bacon bits, cress, blue cheese sauce


Not an expert but find pomegranate works well in a salad, for me

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This is really nice. Leave out the radishes if you’re not a fan.


rocket, red pepper & pineapple covered in lime juice, with turmeric garlic rice and spicy quorn chicken chunks :fire::fire:

all mixed together obv


Think you’ve typed pineapple instead of a vegetable there, bud…

Got a real hankering for some edamame and sesame dressing

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Sounds good. Balsamic overpowers everything for me, but otherwise perfick. Might try it tomorrow.

I generally stagger the roasting. Peppers and onions in first (big chunks cut down when cooked) then add courgette then mushrooms, otherwise you get a soggy mess.

swap it out for a potato


Big fan of mozzarella and basil together, throw a few toms and avo in there and baby you got a salad going.


What actually counts as a salad, m&s do a chicken bacon pasta ‘salad’ I’m not convinced

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Romaine lettuce, on the vine cherry toms, cucumber, spring onion, a sort of pepper (sweet pointed or red bell), maybe a radish or 2. Paired with some sort of protein and carbs (normally chicken or sea bass and always cous cous).

Me nan used to do a corn beef salad with brown rice (sounds grim, is lovely). We sometimes do an easy salad (lettuce, toms, pepper, cucumber, with cold baked beans, hard boiled egg, sliced ham, grated cheddar and coleslaw). Lovely.

Grilled halloumi, lemon, olives pomegranate and some kind of leaf

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gado gado

Cold baked beans? Not for me Clive.

swap it out for a potato


Never heard of this but Googled it & found this recipe, this looks sick:

That’s fine. More for me