…if you can’t come home after a tough day, strip down to your undies, demolish a packet of saucisson sec, schlurp a full bottle of malbec, have a tommy tank and fall asleep in the hallway then what’s the fucking point?


Trying to make it to the living room first?

  • 'nana and a stella
  • Saucisson Sec and a bottle of malbec

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Clear evolution of the character arc.

In another ten years it’ll be a boiled sweet and a bourbon.


best sausage area of europe:

  • Eastern/Poland/Germany/Baltics/Balkans
  • British Isles
  • Med (France/Spain/Italy)

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have you been reading my tinder bio again

I like the occasional French, German or Spanish sausage as much as the next man, but you can’t beat a bit of Polish sausage on some black bread.

You need two types of wet with it. Maybe a french mustard with a drizzle of olive oil, or some sour cream with butter, even some chutney and fried onions, hey i’m not judging, whatever makes you happy.

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m8 brought some czech* sausage back from holiday once. was incredible. a bit like chorizo but a lot spicier and a bit firmer.

but salami/salchichon/mortadella/chorizo…

edit: was hungarian, not czech.

At the end of the day…

it’s all academic really isn’t it.