Ultimo boring multi-poll thread

Just got a few questions about work, bills, etc, etc. ON YE GO WEEEEEEMMMAAAAAAAN.

Is this gonna be more boring than my thread yesterday about office chairs?!
Cos that was pretty fucking boring

How many days paid holiday do you get from your employer per year?

  • 1-5
  • 6-10
  • 11-15
  • 16-20
  • 21-25
  • 26-30
  • 31+

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Including bank holidays, 32.

It’ll be so boring you’ll think Marckee’s hijacked my account.

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how did I miss that one?

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If you phone in sick, do you get…

  • Paid in full without using holiday pay
  • Paid in full out of your holiday pay
  • Partial pay from either/or/another
  • No pay

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30 days, not including bank hols. Hard to use it all up tbh.

How much do you spend on work travel on average per week?

  • Zero (Not even on TravelBook)
  • £0.01-£20
  • £20.01-£40
  • £40.01-£60
  • Over £60

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For those who get paid in full without using holiday pay, what are the rules regards number of days or frequency, etc?

There’s an unwritten “don’t take the piss” rule I think. You can sign yourself off for up to a week at a time, anything more and you need a doctor’s note. If you were doing that every week I reckon they’d start asking questions.

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Less than 7 consecutive days = fill in self certification
Greater than 7 consecutive days = doctors notes

Sick pay entitlement (excuse the copy/paste)

Service () Full pay () Half pay (*)
First three months 2 weeks 2 weeks
Remaining nine months of first year 2 months 2 months
Second and third years 3 months 3 months
Fourth and fifth years 5 months 5 months
After fifth year 6 months 6 months

There is no amount of sick leave that will trigger discussions with HR that I’m aware of. Some of my colleagues take the piss with the amount they’re off (if they were working in industry they’d have been fired a long time ago)

Sure, but i bet you could easily snaffle another 2-3 weeks in odd days here and there over a year, particularly if working in bigger places.

I can’t believe i didn’t know this was a thing. I’ve literally never worked anywhere you’d get paid for not coming in on top of your annual leave…and i’m a head of industry and all that.

Hate to break it to you but I think Jean’s not actually been going to those HR courses you paid for.

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The only place I’ve worked where you didn’t get full pay for sick leave was Safeway when I was 17.

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Wouldn’t know without looking it up. I think you get x months on full pay, x months on half pay. Same rules as @laelfy regarding self certification. Plus there are rules about the number of instances of sickness in a three month period and in a twelve month period.

Is it a legal thing then or companies do it at their discretion?

Obviously i’m very important and highly paid, etc…

No idea, but my current employer’s website gives quite a lot of information and references the relevant legislation


32.5 days plus bank holidays.
Self cert for up to a week’s sickness.
Six months full pay, six months half pay if I was to be off for that long.
There’s guidance for managers about how to address any issues with people being off regularly, but I think they tend to use this flexibly as long as you’re managing your workload.
Probably only have to travel from home once a week or so, so no more than £10 travel usually and I could claim it on expenses (but don’t).

Can’t answer this definitively, because zero hours contract = my holiday allowance is totally unstable and fluctuates every month depending on the average number of hours I work per week. It’s calculated through a really complex algorithm Although I don’t get paid for it if I’ve used up my official holiday allowance, I basically get way more holiday than anyone else: my contract means I don’t have a set day off between Monday and Saturday, unlike everyone else, so they’re very understanding about the fact that I need to be able to plan stuff in advance and let me book quite a lot of days off… so i have no idea, tbh.