Ultrasound are re-issuing 'Everything Picture'

1999 Double Album is getting re-issued this year and there is a UK tour to promote it…


Wow ! Nobody cared back then, what are they expecting ?

I was one of the few people that loved this album when it came out.

As such I excitedly got a ticket for the Tunbridge Wells show (great venue by the way); and dusted off my CD copy of Everything Picture, which hadn’t been listened to for years.

It is not as good as I remember. The Gary Glitter bits in Stay Young :grimacing:

Still, Floodlit World is an absolute tune:

I care! They were superb, even if the album has a bit of filer and excluded some of their best tracks.

I thought they were great then and still great now!

Floodlit World (FP Version) - YouTube The original version was even better.

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I very very much care about this and you’ve reminded me to get a ticket (saw it on FB just before Xmas I think), so thank you! Everything Picture is a somewhat-maligned, mostly-forgotten yet utterly fantastic album, and the attendant singles + B-sides are even better. Also, their second album Play For Today (2012) is also magnificent and well worth anybody’s time.

Here’s my random favourite track; I particularly love the “depraved Stereolab” breakdown section:


I’m amazed he is still alive to be honest

Setlist for ‘warm up’ date. Band are promising more surprises for the tour proper…

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The ultrasound guy!

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I should hope so! Only 3 songs from ‘Everything Picture’ there. Also, get ‘Best Wishes’ in the set!

Everything Picture should have been a single album, with Best Wishes and I’ll Show You Mine on it. I do like them though, the second and third albums were great.

I was kinda hoping for an “Everything Picture” full album show, but hey, I’ll take it :slight_smile:

So was i! I kinda thought it would be ‘Everything Picture’ as well as non-album single and B-sides.

That’s very much what the tour was advertised as.

Guess I should probably listen to their other albums eh?

Now available to order.

Band are playing Manchester and London next month.

The gig in Glasgow scheduled for 28 August 2021 has now been cancelled.

Yep, I believe band decided to consolidate the tour in light of concerns about COVID. Now just doing MCR and LDN.