Ultrasound are re-issuing 'Everything Picture'

1999 Double Album is getting re-issued this year and there is a UK tour to promote it…


Wow ! Nobody cared back then, what are they expecting ?

I was one of the few people that loved this album when it came out.

As such I excitedly got a ticket for the Tunbridge Wells show (great venue by the way); and dusted off my CD copy of Everything Picture, which hadn’t been listened to for years.

It is not as good as I remember. The Gary Glitter bits in Stay Young :grimacing:

Still, Floodlit World is an absolute tune:

I care! They were superb, even if the album has a bit of filer and excluded some of their best tracks.

I thought they were great then and still great now!

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8EnB21tlQl4 The original version was even better.

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I very very much care about this and you’ve reminded me to get a ticket (saw it on FB just before Xmas I think), so thank you! Everything Picture is a somewhat-maligned, mostly-forgotten yet utterly fantastic album, and the attendant singles + B-sides are even better. Also, their second album Play For Today (2012) is also magnificent and well worth anybody’s time.

Here’s my random favourite track; I particularly love the “depraved Stereolab” breakdown section:


I’m amazed he is still alive to be honest

Setlist for ‘warm up’ date. Band are promising more surprises for the tour proper…

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The ultrasound guy!

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I should hope so! Only 3 songs from ‘Everything Picture’ there. Also, get ‘Best Wishes’ in the set!

Everything Picture should have been a single album, with Best Wishes and I’ll Show You Mine on it. I do like them though, the second and third albums were great.

I was kinda hoping for an “Everything Picture” full album show, but hey, I’ll take it :slight_smile:

So was i! I kinda thought it would be ‘Everything Picture’ as well as non-album single and B-sides.

That’s very much what the tour was advertised as.

Guess I should probably listen to their other albums eh?