Good. No?

Not even going to link Vienna. Damn the 80’s were creative, even Pop was ace.


Totally hearing this as “he was, fisting, all that you showed me” :rofl:

They mean nothing to me.


Shaddap your face :wink:


Love John Foxx era Ultravox! (with the !)


Da, na, na, na, na, NAAA, NAAA, NAAAA!

Masterful Pop.


Saw them only relatively recently. You know how when a band gets to a certain age, they have to take everything down several keys and have loads of backing vocalists to cover up for the singer’s voice being kaput? That hasn’t happened here.

I had no idea they were still going.

Vienna is 40 years old, feeling so old now.

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Hymn is better than Vienna?

Not as good as Visage mind.

Instant goosebumps.


Steve Strange looking like Kenny Everett taking off Steve Strange here.

The early 80’s were pure gold. Seemed normal at the time. Unbelievable Pop quality.

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Gone too far down the early 80’s rabbit hole now…

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This extended version of the song works brilliantly. Probably my favourite track of theirs.

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It’s a little bit Tiffany.

Big fan of the Vienna album. I know some people prefer the early punkier stuff but idk, love the Midge Ure hits.

They’re probably classified as pop but the longer version is so much better than the single version. It’s more an electro-pop song where the shorter version is just pop.

Not wanting to start a heated debate but what’s better?
Enola Gay or Souvenir?

Great cover

Close but its…

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