Umbrellas in the Snow

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Umbrellas in the snow,

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.


i would use an umbrella in the snow - alas, i never have one, and whenever i bother to buy one, i inevitably leave it in a pub within c. 24 hours


Im a Tory so where my wax jacket instead

We’ve got to be able to do something about rain really don’t we. It’s nearly 2019 for fuck’s sake and you still have to put up with fucking water falling on your head when you go outside sometimes. Pathetic.


It is pathetic to be bothered by this, well said.

Ooh, you’re hard.

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It’s just water mate. Water. It’s not going to hurt you, either physically or emotionally.

It makes you wet though and it’s better to be dry.


Sure but it’s a very minor inconvenience, and if it bothers you there are ways to mitigate it. It’s fine.

Plus rain sounds good.

They’re all crap though.

“Put something between yourself and the water” it’s so primitive. Load of shite.


You’ve just described buildings.

Also boats.

You’re right. There shouldn’t be “outdoors” in this day and age.

Hey, enjoy it while we have it, we’ll all be living in ClimaDomes soon (at best, RIP bears and other fauna)

PS I like using an umbrella in the rain but would not use one in the snow, I think I enjoy the novelty too much, plus I would wear a hat

Don’t see anyone in Norway using an umbrella for the snow, but it’s not necessarily a bad idea.

Sounds like yor already wet mate if you get up set by a bit of rain :wink:


I’d like to state, for the record, that “I shouldn’t have to put up with rain” is a viewpoint I genuinely and vehemently hold.

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Saw all that stuff with your lads and the rakes on social media over the past couple of days. Great memes.

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Imagine if it rained on your wedding day, I’m not sure how I would describe that maybe satirical?


If it rained on your wedding day you would be lying if you said that it hadn’t made the day worse than if it hadn’t rained.

EDIT: This applies to any event or day