Umming and erring


Umm, how much do you… errr, ummm and … um, err?

  • Not at all
  • Umm, a little bit
  • Umm, I err… well, umm… quite a bit
  • Err… oh god, umm… can I get back to you… ummm, later?

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was just trying to find that bit :smiley:






Waste a substantial portion of my life when it comes to buying anything. Be it an iron, vacuum cleaner or, most recently, car polish, I’ll waste hours of my life trying to decide a) whether to purchase b) what to purchase




Don’t trust people that don’t. Robots.


Do you umm and err, @discobot fortune?


:crystal_ball: Very doubtful


Server in a restaurant comes to take your order

  • Checked the menu before I even got there :nerd:
  • Quick peruse and decide
  • Order off the cuff when they arrive
  • Oh erm… I’ll have the… oh no, umm… I’ll need a few more minutes

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i like to fill all awkward silences with an umm whilst I look thoughtfully upwards and to the right or left


Specials board MAVERICK WILDCARD option.


Do you look more to the left or the right? Got chatting to some guy outside a club once and he started carping on about some bollocks that the way you looked meant you were naturally more something or other. I wasn’t really paying attention.


someone in the street asks you for directions (for somewhere you know)

  • second left and then down there a bit m9
  • oh it’s kind of, well you go left, and then i think you go right… near sainos
  • ohh err, it’s erm… oh god, sort of over there a bit… umm, or is it? no! go left and then… agghhhh
  • *runs away screaming*

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Word for word!!! WORD FOR WORD!!


Pants on fire I’m afraid m9.

‘Many psychologists believe that when a person looks up to their right they are likely to be telling a lie’.


I will have checked the menu before hand but that still won’t give me enough time to decide.


i meant left



Appaz it means this too: For the majority of people looking up and to the right means a person is constructing a picture. Looking up on to the left usually shows they are remembering a picture.

Load of cod-science shite though I imagine.