Un Samedi Soir


sup guys? i’m in the portacabin for 12 hours -_- what are you up to?


Eating some yogurt with frozen berries which haven’t quite thawed :neutral_face:

Also got coffee

No real plans apart from mooching really


I’m doing nothing all day and it’s going to be beautiful. PS4, Arrested Development Remix, Taskmaster, Eurovision. Can’t be bad.


On a train to London for a day long beer brewing experience day, which includes breakfast, lunch and of course beer.

I felt very down yesterday and didn’t fancy doing this today, due to my paranoia and anxiety in meeting new people. But I think I’m up for it now.

Probably part of the reason i stepped down from the hardship fund, for reasons I don’t think I’m that recognisable a poster to be worthy or a contact point.


Meant to be going to a Pizza Express at Canary Wharf to meet some family for lunch. Might not be though as R has a bit of a cough that has been developing so maybe we should stay in.


Morning. Hope the 12 hours in a portacabin isn’t too much of a slog @ericV

I’m dropping the dog at my brothers, the kids at my mam’s, and then Mrs W and I are going for a spa day. Never been on one before. It’s just sitting around in your swimming gear drinking wine, right?



Just waiting for the oven to heat up to put some pain au chocolate in, mooching for most of the day, then out for our eighth anniversary tonight. Beers, then Shit Faced Shakespeare at Brighton Fringe.


Fell asleep on the sofa til 3am: there was an ad for some sort of Thighmaster contraption on TV when I woke up.
Had some fine coffee and ready to do Saturday. Big Shop, ironing, wedding do in Solihull tonight


Currently rinsing the pancakes at the breakfast bar. Train back to Sheffield soon, looking round and measuring the new house then going to IKEA


quite enjoy the challenge of doing this


I have woken up with a gross chesty cough, runny nose, sore throat, and head that feels like it’s gonna explode. Feel like I slept about 30 min. Another day in bed for gp then. Should I go see a doctor?


What’s yr method?


usually take them out of the freezer a bit too late


Where did you stay Aggers?


Penta Hotel, by the station. Its fine. I met Keith Andrews in a lift so that’s something


i’ve put ABBA on at work and everyone is loving it. result.


6 hour drive :slightly_frowning_face::cry::sleeping:

Going out for Thai and cocktails tonight :grinning:


Working this afternoon/evening until 9pm :weary:


When do you get the keys?

We move on Tuesday.



Off to see both parts of Inheritance today, so that’s seven hours sat in the theatre. Hopefully my knees are up to it, and also my bladder - I’m doing a triathlon tomorrow morning, so need to keep myself well hydrated ahead of then.