Unable to retract likes after a certain amount of time

Not a big issue but worth flagging, I’ve noticed you can’t undo a like on a post after a certain amount of time. Dunno how long

It’s always been like that hasn’t it?


Yeah, although it’s heartwarming to think TKC is only noticing now, because he’s never second-guessed a like he’s made before


Just imagine if we could all retract those mistaken likes to Marckee?

@TKC I don’t know the reason retracting likes being restricted. I figure maybe it increases the load on the server if stats have to be recalculated but it does seem odd.


Guess we could / should increase this?

Doesn’t seem to be a good reason for this really aside from maybe a bad experience with a particular type of troll?

Reminds me of my worry that if people had unlimited ability to edit posts we’d see people retroactively reversing the intent of a post and causing confusion or something. In reality it’s just not going to happen.

Annoying they don’t have an unlimited value, though.

Let’s park this one for a bit. The 5 mins is to undo a like if you clicked it by mistake.

Sometimes there are unintended consequences of changing settings like this

The max value is 2000000000 minutes which is over 3,800 years. You planning on hanging around a while? :wink:

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Yeah just seems silly, though. Now they’ve got code comparing all timestamps to that instead of a switch saying “don’t bother” :grinning:

Did you guys fix this yet? Asking for @tilty and @urbanfox :wink:

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@sean suggested we park it for now, which makes sense seeing there are still quite a few bits and pieces we are tweaking (not to mention all historic images to remap). Is the general feeling that it should be increased, and if so to what?

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Would you like this current implementation to be changed?
  • I would like you to have more time to be able to retract a like
  • I would like you to have less time to be able to retract a like
  • I would like you to have indefinite time to be able to retract a like
  • I would like it to remain as it is
  • I don’t feel strongly either way.
  • Other
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Need this implementing please, got to retract a like