Unacceptable/acceptable food items to bring into a cinema


Please use this thread to list food items alongside a poll of whether said food item is an acceptable or unacceptable food item to sneak into a cinema.



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A blueberry muffin

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I think if people don’t like other people eating popcorn while they watch a film they shouldn’t watch a film in a public setting


Chicken bhuna, pilau rice, garlic naan, saag aloo

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Any food.

Just go a couple of hours without eating


out of curiosity, is your issue here because popcorn is a bit noisy or because people are cheating the cinemas if they bring their own?




Drinks are fine as long as they aren’t being consumed with a straw (both of these obviously have caveats for people who need to eat at particular intervals, need to drink through a straw or etc.)


Acceptable: anything soft, in a wrapper that doesn’t make noise.
Unacceptable: anything that makes noise in any way, anything that has a smell

Nachos ffs, it boils my piss.


Eating in the cinema should be banned imho.

As aggpass said, drinks are fine. Straws, not so fine.

Peckhamplex is the WORST place in the world for people bringing in noisy food. It’s only a fiver but I don’t think I can go there anymore.


when i was 15ish me and my mates used to go into the cinema every week with stinky subway sandwiches
no regrets


But popcorn is quintessential to the cinema experience, arguably the best bit about going to the cinema


alright, robbie williams




Generally I think food/drinks are fine if they’re quiet to eat and do not smell. Popcorn is noisy to eat, noisy to pick up and smell a bit.

I think there’s obviously worse things to bring in than popcorn, but I do wish it wasn’t such an established cinema snack.


Things that annoy me ranked in order (most to least annoying)

  • people talking about the film (you’re watching it ffs shut up)
  • hot food
  • people talking about anything else
  • loud food
  • phone use
  • straws
  • people with annoying laughs
  • other food
  • movement
  • people existing


Have you tried not going to the cinema?


It’s nice when people like to go to the cinema and enjoy the experience with an accompanying snack.

It’s nice when people respect the art of cinema enough to give it the requisite respect of remaining quiet by not talking throughout.

It’s NOT nice when people go into a public place and police the behaviour of others when it isn’t having a negative enough impact to justify doing so.


I like the picture and sound quality of the cinema but would prefer it if nobody else was there