Unacceptable behaviour

Hi Theo, I was planning on posting an update in the original thread today but given you won’t stop fucking badgering me about it, yes. I did get it thanks. Had to reorder and contact Amazon to refund my delivery costs (which they did, promptly) and it arrived yesterday. Charged it up overnight and just gave it a quick test this morning, seems to be working fine. Thanks for taking an interest in my affairs and for your help in recommending the device in the first place.

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Nice one, mate! Well played!

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Been waiting on something myself for 2 weeks now. No reply from the company when I politely asked them where my parcel was, either. Time to get rude I reckon.

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Stay rude, nikkers.

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Things like that are tricky. That and the handrail. You start thinking ‘what’s the right height, how do other people have them’. Can drive you to the edge of madness.

Our postie does a similar thing. TBF they’ve probably had it with people bleating “I didn’t hear you”

I can well imagine, one of those things where I’d have a few concerns about positioning of the wires as well maybe? I dunno, they’re probably all bluetooth or some shit these days aren’t they?

Yeah it’s wireless. Just sticky tape it up. Was trying to look like the big man, The handrail however, sweet Jesus!


What is this particular handrail for?

I delivered parcels for a bit at uni to make ends meet in between all the webcam shows, and the amount of people who’d say “you were lucky you caught me, I was just about to go out / just got in” was amazing. No skin off my nose, mate. It’s you who wants the shit you ordered.

I’m waiting on some trainers.


should have known this really. mr pn went for a job interview with them and they fucked him about royally calling him back and then not telling him what was happening over a series of months, and now this! shakes fist


For the stairs

Yeah, that’s a tricky one innit, I’d say that looks a little on the low side to me but you’ve got a young’un to think of here. (Side-point you’ve really fucked him over when it comes to the time in his life when he’s gonna want to be sliding down that in a cool way)

I looked it up and that is the recommended height, thank you very much.

Recommended by who?

Last night my housemate put the washing machine on a full cycle for TWO fucking tea-towels. Totally unacceptable.

Building regulations require that it is 900mm above the pitch of the stair.

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That’s passive-aggressive note material that, mate. Bang out of order.