Unambiguous Friday morning/day thread (26th August 2022)

Good morning all :wave:

It’s a beautiful morning here in West Norfolk - the air is all fresh and there’s dew on the ground and mist on the river. You can’t see either in this picture but the view from the bedroom window is nice, regardless

What do your days have in store, lovely people of DiS?


Morning ccb et al!

It is unambiguously Friday.

I’m working at another campus this morning and then going to the cash and carry.

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Getting my boiler serviced this morning, if you know what I mean



Went on a date last night and was up very late for a Thursday and I’m hungover and a bit queasy :nauseated_face:

Just got to get through this day of work - got another date later. Going to play something called Toad in the Hole

Off work today. Gonna do some housework and go for a walk.

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morning all!

I’m in the office today because there’s a houseful at home. I left as early as I could so that I can do 8-4 today. The drive in was alright, although it was really foggy - I had to remember how to turn on my fog lights. There’s a new gym that’s been built at work, so I’ll be checking that out later this morning

The cool kids apparently just call it “toads”

You can probably narrow down where Tim’s going for a date because there’s only half a dozen pubs in Brighton that have toads tables in them


On train to Dublin.


Morning all

Hoping for no more misconduct investigations :upside_down_face:. A slim slim possiblity of a visit from the head honcho director. Sorting out a raft of transfers from other stores.

It’s beautifully crisp this morning, the new Julia Jacklin is lovely and yeah good morning


Pack for Shetland

Give all the plants a mega soaking

Do a quick clean so the house isn’t too gross when I get back

Find the bloody tape measure

Go sign some house stuff and drop off more documents

Then drop off Willow at her home boarding

Drive an hour and a half to drop off Sascha at kennels

Pick up the last few bits I need

Oh yeah, and work lol


Up way too early, feel terrible, already killed a massive spider. Need to sort the car out and finish packing at the same time as working today. Driving to Leeds later, should take about four hours.

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It’s at Unbarred - think it’s a one off rather than a permanent thing

Going to the wedding of two absolute ATDs, v excited :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh, it’s their anniversary thing this weekend isn’t it? I think I saw something about that on Instagram

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Start work at 9, finish at about 1:30 today.

Gonna have a bit of a tidy round the flat then just chill rest of the day, watch tv play video games.

Tomorrow going to watch Leyton Orient with a mate, I have a season ticket but have only got to the opening game so far. Top of the league for now though! Just like my main team Arsenal we will fuck it sooner or later!

Sunday seeing my girlfriend, no real plans on what we’ll do.

Monday early afternoon I have rehearsals for a gig I’m doing the following Saturday. I’ve not played with this band before but know the singer who’s bloody great. I’m about 80% there with the songs, one is a cover of this Cher deep cut Mama (When My Dollies Have Babies) - YouTube


A hot sauce delivery might be the peak of my day ngl

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On the topic of tape measures, I’m absolutely obsessed with having one attached to my keys, always comes in handy, always:

Tho I understand you’ll be measuring houses so you’ll probably be using a larger one. Just wanted an excuse to recommend my key ring one :laughing: good luck with your trip to Shetland :slight_smile:

@colon_closed_bracket lovely opening to the thread and lovely view :blush:

My news is I’ve just had some chairs delivered and I LOVE them. I love them. So very much. I might marry them.

Now, tea, work, then films, maybe some wine, bed. Snooze.


Pretty bad night’s sleep witht the bubs doing a lot of moaning and rocking back and forth, probably disturbed me more than them tbh

But, the sun’s shining, the office is quiet, I’ve got coffee, saw a really good dog on the way in, wrestling and beer later and off to Beak Brewery with some pals tomorrow so not too bad all in all