Unanimous amazing reviews for The Grand Tour



Amazon have clearly paid them all off


still don’t think I’ll bother


at least that ‘argentinian’ flight thing backfired. cunts.


Why have they waited this long? They should’ve put out any old shite the moment that fucking bellend hired that tank to deliver that stupid petition to the BBC.


Imagine letting a review persuade you that something containing Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson wasn’t complete shitforcunts


Guardian review mentions jokes Clarkson makes about gypsies and ebola. Depressing, if not particularly shocking, that one of the biggest TV shows in the world in 2016 is a bunch of middle aged white guys talking about cars and being professional racists.


Did it? They got The Sun front page out of it and press from everyone else… seems to me like it worked perfectly.


mate they got absolutely railed in the guardian and in my liberal echo chamber


Of course they did. By now Clarkson could donate a £1,000,000 to a donkey sanctury and the Guardian would generate at least half a dozen articles explaining why he’s worse than cancer, before outlining how good his shows and books are, followed by another 3 identical articles in that week’s Observer.


Will probably watch it as I like cars doing funny things like being in water





it’s funny cos the car’s in the water.




It is so layered as well, The Honda Engine powering a Nissan Pickup, The Trash can lids on the side, deep sea fishing rods? Come on even the most asymmetrical haired of you lot on here must gasp a chuckle


I’d watch another series of James May getting pissed with Oz Clarke, not watching this though.



I’ll start:



Like all ‘motorheads’, it’s the Honda/Nissan thing that really does it for me.


Person on land: “Is that Jeremy Clarkson on a boat? No, on closer inspection he is in a car which is on the water.”


“this car loves the water, just like those bloody foreign nationalities do”