Unbulliable Names



Some names, such as Bart, can easily be rhymed with ‘fart’, thus creating a harder life growing up around other schoolkids for the Barts of this world.

Some names have less scope for this form of teasing than others, e.g. Steven or Andrew are fairly robust and difficult to find attack angles with (Weven???)

What other names have this attribute?


Steveo the Paedo

Hand shandy Andy




With Andy you can say Andy Pandy

Steve can be be Stevie Wevied

I’m not sure this name you seek exists




Randy Baumgardner


Tokyo Sexwale


Louis CK’s skit on this is, I’m pretty sure, the only thing he’s ever said that actually made me laugh.



Really fucking dull names like James


Fuck me this went downhill fast


Gennadiy Nizhegorodov


It was Giant Slalom, actually.


My surname rhymes with manger, so at Christmas I used to get ‘away in an insert rich-t’s surname here’ sung to me.

I also get bitchy, or bitchy ranger, bitchy stranger instead of Richie insert surname here.

I think most names are bulliable


Rimmy Jimmy


My middle name rhymes with manger.


Jesus Christ


Epimer stranger


He ended up being bullied pretty badly IIRC


Impressive work, you are a very talented bully.