Uncanny valley

No longer a thing

tl;dr Nvidia’s CEO in their keynote presentation in April was completely CGI and it was so good that nobody noticed

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Hasn’t been a thing since 2001 mate

Seriously though, that’s absolutely incredible (and scary).

Just watched a clip of it and can definitely tell.

I hate it

The kitchen is a bit ostentatious for my tastes too


Oh it’s still a thing, it just applies more to living people now



Everyone was wfh & logged on but too busy playing with the cat/watching YouTube/ scratching their crotch to pay attention

what kind of fool watches an Nvidia keynote anyway

Nvidia staff

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oh yeah

The Nvidia CEO (pictured) publicly announced that his previous public appearance had been a CGI rendering in a press conference today


So they had all those people convinced that they were watching a real person and they didn’t turn him into a werewolf at the end or anything!?

the NVIDIA SHIELD is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made



it’s weird how he’s not breathing

More of a buckler, really

Would have been quicker and cheaper just to film him in his real kitchen tbh tbf

Furious about this. Don’t expect me to tune in for GTC 2022 keynote, Nvidia!

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