Uncensored Song Filth

Like the Atomic Kittens

So come on baby do it to me good now
Do it to me slowly (oh yeah)
Be the one and only (ah ah yeah)
And do it to me right now
Baby, baby

That is quite rude!

Not like Outhere Borthers who were censored for direct filth

Put yo’ ass on my face
I love the way your pussy tastes
Girl, you know you are the one
Take that ass and make me cum





say boom boom boom
evrybody say way ho (way ho)

:arrow_up: desgusten

Greased Lightning is FILTH

Is greased lightening jizz?

No, I believe it is the chicks who will cream.

If I cannot sleep with you maybe I can have a taste, put your nany (sp?) on my tongue, and your bootie on my face

Say boom boom boom… another bit of grot from that pop classic

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So don’t mess with my toot toot
Don’t mess with my toot toot
Now, you could have the other woman
But don’t mess with my toot toot

Touch my bum
This is life

Maybe life for you, The Cheeky Girls, but some of us live with an ounce of restraint

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Alison Moyet - Love Resurrection

“What seed must I sow to replenish this barren land?
Teach me to harvest, I want you to grow in my hand”

I tried to listen to their album recently. That, and the Fast Food Rockers. Fascinating time for awful, novelty music.