work expenses? invoices to chase? train delay refunds? goods that didn’t arrive?

Do you have any subscriptions you need to cancel? Check your bank statements.

Just remembered £95 I needed to claim back from three months ago :money_mouth_face:


didn’t work for the full 23-24 financial year, earned under the student loans repayment threshold

but it was still taken off my pay in the months that I did work so I’m due a pretty healthy sum of money

hopefully get that soonish


When I was a contestant on Countdown in 2012 they reimbursed travel expenses by cheque but I forgot to cash it in, when I found it years later I was too late.

Even back then a cheque was pretty archaic, bet they were banking on a decent number of people doing the same thing.


Got a cheque from my old energy company but haven’t worked out an easy way of paying it in to my account.

Not got take a picture on your banking app?

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I need a P.A.

Don’t think Nationwide do that :frowning:

Time to do the old dance again is it?

“Cancel your subscription? Sure, you could, or you could take another 6 months out at half-price, and you’re tempted aren’t you, even though you don’t use it. Yeah that’s right, take that offer, see you in October buddy.”


I phoned up Sainsbury’s yesterday as they missed out five items on my delivery, which they’ve refunded to me. I forgot to tell them that I hadn’t had my bread flour delivered either. I think I’m just going to let that £1.30 go.

Chased two unpaid invoices today, which they’re blatantly not paying because they know I’m expecting more work from them and they assume that I’d have the good sense to not be annoying.



Waiting on 30 quid due to an issue with a system changeover. Not desperate so will treat myself to a couple nice things when I get it.

I’m owed about £120 expenses from work. Need to sort it this week because next Tuesday is my last day.

Why would not paying you be an incentive to do more work?!


I finally got round, today, to emailing Cross Country about the hour delay they caused us on the way up to Manchester 26 days ago. Not only do they not offer any compensation for 15-29 minute delays, like some other operators, but their form is a lot more tricky to fill out, particularly if you’ve split your journey in any way, and you also have to do individual submissions for each person travelling, even if the tickets were bought on the same transaction. Hate Cross Country so much. 100% compensation, please.

In subscription adjacent news, I really need to get round to sorting out new TV and Broadband this week, as we’re out of contract in a month.

Also need to sell our Primavera tickets :sob:

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Liked for agreement about train companies being greedy fuckers


I was putting off ringing up Beer52 to cancel my subscription after a free trial so thanks for this thread :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ah, hello fellow Now TV subscriber.

A general Now TV tip: they now send an email saying ‘your special offer is ending but don’t worry we’ve automatically applied a new special offer and you don’t need to do anything’. Bollocks to that - go through the cancellation route on the website and you’ll get a much heftier discount.

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I’m starting a new political party

  • Directors of companies that don’t pay invoices on time pay 80% tax that financial year.
  • Every town must have a gluten free bakery, and there will be gluten intolerant people who go round sampling the baked goods making sure they’re also delicious.
  • More research funding to be put into discovering a decent gluten free croissant recipe.
  • All parliamentary speeches by our MPs will just be us using parliamentary privilege to say stuff like which terfs are holocaust deniers and which countdown presenters are racist.
  • Abolish leaseholds.

Got about £450 travel expenses I need to claim from work. Discovered recently that it costs the company £100 every time someone submits an expenses claim, that seems mad to me

Annoyingly the opposite. I went out to dinner on Saturday and the card machines didn’t work. They said they’d email me a link. Haven’t heard anything yet and I’ve emailed to say hello I need to pay! I’m in the worst money limbo!

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