Uncut Gems (Spoilers)

There is already a ton of discussion about this from just a small number of people who have seen it in the January film thread so probably deserving of it’s own

Release the Snyder Cut Gems below


preferred it to Parasite of films this year

Uncut Gems


trying to think of any other film characters who have been killed for being really annoying

Not film but (The Wire spoilers)

Yeah this twitter thread bothers me. I thought at first it was just a flippant funny jab, but seems like the OP is legitimately criticising it?

This in particular:

Comes across really off. hive? The only way to interpret that, I think, is that the OP is claiming the women that disagree with her are deluded and wrong. Which is quite a harsh interpretation, but some people are being really condescending and it’s not a good look.

Very conscious I can’t watch this scene without being a cis man and all the bias that comes from that, but I dunno, flagging this as so absurd it breaks all credibility is a real reach. I sent the thread to my partner (seen the film) and she thought it was bollocks.

That and I think in hindsight its a pretty important moment for understanding Julia. Sets up that though they have a high stress relationship they do love each other and she will go to lengths for him.

Thought it was quite sweet that him and Julia both bought the same takeaway


Will be very curious to see how this film is on second viewing when you know the outcome of the bet

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How much better is this than Good Time? Because I thought that was… ok but not great.

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Enjoyed it but without having any real emotional engagement.

Felt it lacked a bit of the heart of Good Time and didn’t have the absolute curt brutality of Bad Lieutenant (which seems an obvious inspiration).

Would happily see it a second time though actually and see how I feel about it after that.


I found this to be a big step up from Good Time, which I enjoyed but wasn’t enamoured with


Saw it on saturday and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Fucking loved it.
Adam sandler is outstanding, as good a performance as i’ve seen from any actor ever. The whole cast is brilliant.
The editing is immense, the score is brilliant. It’s chaotic, relentless, i felt anxious and stressed watching it.
For me it’s just great film making.
Off to see it again this week.


Jackie Brown spoiler: when de niro kills bridget fonda?


it’s a lot better. It’s actually making me want to revisit Good Time which like you, I wasn’t overwhelmed with at all to start with

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so much this

I really liked Good Time (although admittedly I didn’t see it in the cinema) but this is a big step up imo

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Ah bollocks. Didn’t check it, can’t edit it now. It stays like that.

  • I was rooting for Howie
  • I was not rooting for Howie

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