Undeniably funny things


it’s the accompanying hand gesture that really makes it for me


off her mash on ecstasy pipes


Beautifully constructed wind-up.


Not funny unless you’re familiar with the A&J Taffin stuff, but this absolutely destroyed me when I first heard it.



The street names :joy:


I will never, ever stop laughing at this part II:


people called Duncan


still maybe the funniest thing of the decade.


That is quite wonderful.


Blokes with unexpectedly high-pitched voices, particularly this absolute classic


I lost interest in Ricky Gervais’ comedy output years ago but still love the videos of him winding up Robin Ince. There’s almost an element of psychological-horror to them. Love the Humpty Dumpty bit


this creases me every time



Absolute classic. Remember saying this in school


When a human being is chasing after an animal in a thing and then the animal disguises itself as a person and it’s evidently an animal dressed as a person but the chaser can’t see it and then ends up fancying the animal who is disguised as a person and starts flirting with them instead of catching them.