Under-prepared guy attempts to cross Wales in a straight line

Here we go @theorist, @smee, @thewza a thread dedicated to this guy’s attempt to cross Wales in a straight line.

This guy’s lack of preparedness is quite amazing. Apparently he decided to do it in winter to cut down on the brambles. Clearly freezing water and weather were a secondary concern.


Parts 2-4

3.5 episodes in and he’s not yet milkshake ducked me.


My word, episode 4 seems to be doubling-down on every mistake and nutty notion from the previous 3! :open_mouth:

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As if he’s realised why people might be watching…


Love the fact he sleeps in a car one night and doesn’t set off until 9am each day.

Also when he loses his phone and it’s in his pocket.


Well except it is all prerecorded so he’d have to have quite the predictive skills

Going to watch this later. What will he do if the line crosses the Port Talbot refinery or a landfill or an army base? Has he thought of that? Has he?

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tl;dw sorry teho

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Or to have watched / read about pretty much any reality or challenge type tv series.

I understand what you’re saying but I can only assume you’ve not watched it as it makes no sense if you have.

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He’s currently planning his next trip too. Not a straight line crossing of a country but something in central Europe using second hand modes of transport…

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Yeah I have considered this. I am enjoying it on the Alan Partridge level because the amount of effort involved in the prearranged stuff to do this as a fake is decent and I’ll salute that.

Although if it is fake then this would be legally questionable I guess

I think he struggles a little under the pressure of the circumstances tbh. Like getting worked up about the risks posed by farmers or people seeing him carrying a kayak bag is heightened by the lack of sleep/food/loneliness. I also think that’s led to moments of complete panic/idiocy like (ep 4 spoiler) burning his blanket and cous-cous :man_facepalming:.

Also, I can strongly relate to him spending ages looking for his phone only to realise it was in his pocket all along.

Not convinced at all it’s fake (not sure if this was a real suggestion though). There is maybe a discussion about whether he slept in the car that night or went to a B&B but the sheer wealth of footage he’s showing, in different weather conditions and locations makes it seem pretty authentic.


Any sign of Tom Jones?


No, this guy’s going across Wales


Actually would like to see him walk across Cardiff and convince 1000 Cardiffians to let him walk through their living rooms


Started watching this lad’s Youtube channel a while back when I was off work ill. Need to catch up with it some time

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Weird how Wales is wide enough to walk across