Under-prepared guy attempts to cross Wales in a straight line

I was under the impression that Harald Baldr was the Bald and Bankrupt guy. Didn’t realise until now that he was a different vlogger!

Not a massive fan of the Bald and Bankrupt guy from what I’ve seen of him anyway. Comes across as quite condescending and rude in the videos that I’ve watched

:walking_man: Norway on Sunday.


It is Sunday

I really love his album

Steve Evans is doing a travel show?

I didn’t realise this was that guy! Yeah I watched some of their vids and can’t stand him.
Incidentally I thought it was bald and bankrupt who was supposedly a pick up artist, not baldr. Haven’t read anything concrete though.

Haven’t got the impression that either of them are aggressive or condescending tbh.

That was crazy!

The boggy mud looked well dangerous. Can’t believe he just casually threw all his stuff across before trying to cross it.

Like how it all went a bit Fitzcarraldo with his kayak as well!

Way to spoiler, no spoiler.

Fixed it.

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Dude is crazy

I was almost disappointed at how prepared his is this time - that is, until the last minute of the episode

I love these. I mean, it’s a literal cross-section of a country - in a way, it’s the ideal travel documentary.

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Would love to know if he has a working phone with him, because if he did that bog walk without it…then wooof.

Projecting a bit, but I do wonder if he ends up failing this - that the criteria or general idea will need to change? 0/3 isn’t the best look!

To be fair even having a phone on you isn’t going to be much help if you’re sinking. Having somebody nearby with a rope would be better I imagine!

Next episode looks like he fully drowns

Looks like the beef jerky is the least of his problems

The guy is a fucking clown. It’s very entertaining, but Christ mate

why he keeps chucking his GPS onto rocks I’ll never know. fucking doughnut

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:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: Did this face for that whole episode

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still feeling pretty edgy about it

not sure if I’ll carry on watching. Seeing him clambering through hedges and dodging welsh farmers is one thing. but that kayak trip and the situation with the mud was very sketchy. feel like encouraging him with this trip will lead him to do something more stupid. I don’t really know what he has in terms of backup/safety equipment. He’s a berk and now he seems to be chasing more follows by doing bigger/stupider stuff.

He’s a berk and now he seems to be chasing more follows by doing bigger/stupider stuff.

This but also he can’t even get the basics right like… ensuring the kayak doesn’t have a great big fucking hole in it

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