Under-prepared guy attempts to cross Wales in a straight line

The route seems a bit :grimacing:

Still a good watch mind. Reckon it’ll be loads of episodes based on how little they’ve covered in that first ep.

First episode done, I do hope he hasn’t become competent and organised.


Absolutely fucking jazzed for this. Does he usually release them weekly… daily? I watched the last 2 in one sitting in a semi drunken state.

New episode every Sunday

Thoroughly enjoyed the first episode and episode two looks to be a corker



Oh god, mispronounced ‘mischievous’ twice in the opening minute :grimacing:


I’m a bit hmmm on the positioning which just makes it look like the most ‘technically we did it’ route but he mentions they have to cross two motorways, an intercity rail route and some kind of huge dodgy sounding factory installation, which feels to me like they’re just making life harder for themselves but who knows.


New episode

I’m a bit sceptical of the good luck they’ve had so far.

Looks like it runs out next week


This is probably old man yells at clouds but I think crossing a train line and motorways is a bit of a dick move.


I hate when he explains his stupid schemes to members of the public. Hateful


Yeah. He seems to have cut down on some of the dodgy comments he was making in the earlier ones which is a bonus, but I’m pretty sure he’s a bit of a chump overall.

I liked tonight’s when he started telling the two women and they seemed to not care at all. Total ‘didn’t ask mate’ stuff.


Everytime I think of this fella I just see Mike Skinner.

cannot stand the bits where it’s clearly some sort of uncomfortable altercation, this must be what it’s like when people hide behind a pillow during horror films

Dunno if I can be arsed with this.

He’s even more smug and annoying than ever and he’s not learned from the peat bog in terms of stupidity. Crossing motorways and high speed train lines isn’t big or clever.

His mate seems ok though and it continues to be annoyingly compelling.


I know these series are a little irresponsible and he can be somewhat :man_facepalming: (and even occasionally :grimacing:) at times but I really love all he does. Especially enjoying this series and how much they like Scotland and the Scots! Making me miss home! :heart:

I watched one of the “real life geoguessers” the other day, was a bit pointless, turns out it’s not that hard to figure out where you are when you’re actually there as much as he tried to inject some drama into it

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