Under-prepared guy attempts to cross Wales in a straight line

Yeah true. He’s bangs on about how this is his career and stuff but doesn’t seem to be listening to the concerns of the farmers and old bill. I genuinely hadn’t realised that this was done when it was a full lockdown and things. What a bell. Think he’s going to get roasted about this on Twitter


absolutely done by this youtube comment:

Policemen: Alright we’ll have to take you to prison then.

Tom: Please tell me it’s on the line.


Yeah sadly I reckoned this crossed the line (no pun intended) from cheeky to… I’m sure not quite sure, but it makes for an uncomfortable watch.

That bit at the end about ‘setting a good example to anyone watching’.

You’ve just walked across a railway line and two motorways, m9 (literally).


I feel like it’s time for him to go straight (so to speak).

I’d still watch a straight-line challenge where there was agreement from landowners, and better support in case of injury. I suspect he feels he’d lose credibility if he went down that route, and that he’d lose some of the drama of these things, but if he picks an interesting enough route in an interesting enough place, it should be fine. There’s only so long that run-ins with pissed off farmers stay interesting anyway.

No chance of him doing that, and I think if we’re honest with ourselves the main reason it’s so entertaining is the chance of him drowning or slipping and breaking his neck or getting arrested

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I’ll admit, if he gets himself arrested in Qatar (one of the places he teased at the end of this video), that’ll be quite some viewing


I don’t think it’s feasible to do a fully pre-arranged line. I’m sure there are some similar geography themed challenges he can do, though to be honest I’m not at all interested in watching his hitch hiking videos or whatever so maybe the line shit really is where it’s at.

What annoys me about the line, and this is completely unreasonable, is that it’s not even a straight line. It’s a wibbly wobbly line at best

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Agreed. Would be much more interesting if he bored a hole directly through the earth’s crust rather than following the curvature of the earth like a chump.



Silly boy

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“my new house”

The big house?


I thought something might happen in regards to that. Same thing happened with that Jimothy Lacoste music video where he was doing questionable things on the underground and TFL took it down pronto.

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I was worried when I saw they were trying to cross an electrified railway line. Was under the impression that you’d get fried if you went under one of those things…

The overheads are safe as long as you don’t get too close (basically the roof height of a train) but there can be bits on the floor that have potentially got 25,000 volts going through them. Plus all sorts of other cabling, trip hazards, etc.

Basically, don’t piss about on the railway kids.


I also imagine there’s a youtube issue with monetising videos of breaking the law. If the police went to youtube and asked them to take it down then his streaming career would be screwed.

He’s probably had a strike from youtube if there has been police involvement, I think on your 3rd strike you get demonetised from youtube so he’s probably playing it safe in that sense. He’s going to have to be a lot more careful going forward now.

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Hoping he FINALLY learns his lesson. Bit worried about his plans to try a straight-line mission in Qatar. Can’t imagine the Qatari police accepting the old “I was just being a bit cheeky” line…