Under the Shadow

Any good? My mate wants to watch it at the ica tomorrow evening. Usually well up for a bit of politics mixed in with my horror but wanted to see if there’s any hot opinions on it beforehand. Is it really pants?

Meant to be amazing, annoyed it’s not showing in my local cineworld.

bit of a trek but doesn’t seem to cost an arm and a leg, least not for the cheap seats

its my favourite film of the year and probably the scariest film I have seen in the cinema, maybe even ever

I will watch this when it is available for me to watch.

I would recommend it a lot! If you’re a big fan of horror films I would say it’s a must see. Has a good mix of being creepy while also going for (effective and well earned) jump scares

I am watching this on Halloween at the Lexi.

Yes its brilliant and gloriously short too.