Under-used expressions


“He’s a right Bobby Dazzler!”


‘nobody fall on their sword’


Frank Spencer! Never hear that one anymore.


‘Hammering a nail with a screwdriver’ is a fave of mine


Worky Ticket (it’s a NE expression that should be adopted globally)


When I said ‘under-used’ I was referring to expressions that more than one person may have actually heard at some point.


You need to tell us what it means, you worky ticket!


Rock On, Tommy!


My eye
A pox on their house


I don’t use this expression, its an expression probably only used in films ‘Don’t piss on me and tell me its raining’
I like to think of it literally, oh what’s that, don’t worry mate its just started raining, doesn’t feel like rain, nope definitely rain.


Someone who works their ticket of course. Pushes their luck. Tests one’s patience.