Underestimated any enemies recently?


Talk about any times in the last 10-12 days when you have underestimated one of your enemies please


Noisy cat pissed on my car last night. I didn’t think he had it in him.


Thought my digestive system might be able to handle a pizza if I took some lactase tablets, but sadly not


my enemy neighbour saw me the other day and said “Hello, Ben. Everything Ok?”
Oh, he’s good! He’s very good!


What a smarmy fucking prick!


Oh no.

How high quality was the pizza? I get on better with the cheaper ones because the cheese is much more artificial.


Next door neighbour has built a terrible new fence between our driveways. Wasn’t expecting that.


It was from M&S


sucks air through teeth

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Last Sunday someone at Euston was being Billy big bollocks barging though the queue to the oyster reader. He shoved past me so I told him not to. Pushed me over after that didn’t he?


What a fucking cunner. That’s horrible :disappointed:


He’s done you there.


I’ll try lowering my standards next time!

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Same weekend I had my bag stolen on the tube. A bad weekend for tfl imho

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Seriously, Co-op finest range? Game over, man.

£1.50 Iceland jobber? Bit parpy but basically fine.


Is your name even Ben?

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Nice. Will give those a try!


Best to pop a lactase pill or two to be safe though, eh.


My enemy at work came back from holiday and made a joke that made me laugh out loud which ruined my surly persona I have been developing around him


Tbh I always underestimate public transport enemies and approach them if they’re doing something disagreeable. I think this is a trait that will get me in trouble.