Underrated pop albums

Sure all you lot talk about your Beyonces and Taylor Swifts but can someone please take a moment to appreciate Rachel Stevens - Come And Get It which still remains one of my favorite pure pop albums of all time.

Think her debut was pretty decent too. Some bangers on it. Even Bowie has a songwriting credit.

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Yeah it’s decent but is incredibly uneven, come & get it is just consistently good - great even with the deep cuts llike ‘Every Little Thing’ and ‘Dumb Dumb’ should’ve been smash hit singles.

Have no idea why this album flopped.

most recent mariah carey

nah, it’s massive with the Just Good Pop contingent, a la Sophie Ellis Bextor, Annie and Nadia Oh

Still regarding Carly Rae Jepsen’s Emotion as the best pop album of all time.


Never understood why Kylie’s Impossible Princess (retitled Kylie Minogue in the UK and Europe) was not a mega world wide smash hit, when it’s utter genius and easily her best. Did well in Aust. but was a relative flop in the UK.

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Ray of Light, I know it’s hard to call Madonna underrated but people always talk up the early stuff and this is wall to wall motherfucking bangers.


I really liked Nicola Roberts solo album. 1 or 2 duff tracks but overall a pretty great pop adrenaline rush. Think it was pretty much ignored.


Is that the album with a track written by the Manics? I think in the UK it got dismissed as ‘Kylie goes indie’ as a consequence.

Going to give it a listen now for sure.

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Warrior by kesha is good. Could be a bit tainted by Dr luke being a bastard

Rihanna Good girl gone bad is immense. Love Britney’s Blackout. Girls Aloud Tangled up is always the correct answer to this question though.

I was going to say Blackout, it’s absolutely incredible from top to bottom. The vocoder verse in Piece of Me is amazing. So much love for this album.


Came out around the time of princess diana’s death, hence why it was retitled from impossible princess in the UK. Pretty much why it did nothing as well, as the uk was in the grip of mass hysteria and not in the right mood for a kylie album, apparently

Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too by the new radicals is a criminally underrated pop album. Got largely ignored as they disbanded in the middle of the album campaign, so they’re remembered as a one hit wonder. But the albums fantastic


Saw the thread title and immediately thought of that Rachel Stevens album! It’s just tune after tune. Actually dug it out a few months ago and came to the conclusion that the album is amazing in spite of her - she really doesn’t add much at all. The vocals a passable but she can’t sell the “sexy” tunes and even the impromptu “can you turn up the track a little” sounds forced. But the tunes are so strong it doesn’t matter.

Never understand why someone like Little Mix doesn’t just plunder it and steal all the non-single tunes - 99% of folk will never have heard them.

Came here to say that. Lucky Day is an amazing song

Also Selena Gomez and the Scenes albums. Shes proper brilliant. Revivals a bit dull though

Will be listening to most of these guys.

Ariana Grande’s latest album is brilliant, doubt it’s underrated though.

When the Sun Goea Down is the best one btw

none of these albums are underrated (good girl gone bad? ray of light?) all critically acclaimed or cult (blackout, impossible princess, rachel stevens) apart from selena gomez’s first one. i guess kesha maybe?