Underrated short-lived British TV drama series'...?

Ideally looking for stuff which only lasted one or two series so I can just blast through it.

Watched this Val McDermid thing called ‘Traces’ recently and liked it. Sort of murder mystery I guess…

Also been rewatching ‘Vincent’, private investigator thing with Ray Winstone from the early noughties. Actually pretty decent.

I’ll watch any old shite.


I liked River, did you watch that? Stellan Skarsgard and Nicola Walker…


Yeah, it’s good. I’ll watch anything with Nicola Walker in, even that pile of shite about the sisters who are solicitors.


Good Cop

Dunno where you’ll find it now though

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The fall
The night manager
The missing
The little drummer girl

Have you seen Holding On?


Never heard of that.

Seen one called Good Cop, which was really excellent, had Warren Brown and Steve Graham in and ran for one series on the BBC.

Could that be it?

Maybe that was it yeah. Oops, shouldn’t type when working. Soz

Strange. Just on Tony Marchant’s Wikipedia page looking for something called Swallow that’s on 4OD.

This looks right up my street. Thanks.

It’s really good that.

Had Michael Angelis in it as the dad (Chrissie from Boys from the Black Stuff).

Night Manager is coming back at somepoint.

I’d say Monkey Dust, although I know why and Red Riding not doing the quartet

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Showing my age.


25 years since I saw it, but I remember enjoying this

Also the bbc adaptation of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell was really good, never seemed to get the praise it was due

Early Doors obvs

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Really gritty drama tbf

Gives me PTSD

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Love the first series of The Lakes.

The second went a bit strange if memory serves.


Stuck Band of Gold on. It’s fucking incredible. Don’t remember it being so good. Thought it’d be a lot more modern ITV-y, but it looks absolutely vintage.


Was really hoping for a second series of that Dublin Murders from a few years ago. That was good. Based on the Tana French novels.

Also if you can find them there were a couple of mini series adaptations of Peter Temple’s Jack Irish novels. Set in Melbourne and starring Guy Pearce. Exceptional.