Underwhelming Celebrity Accolades

Following on from last season’s hit thread Underwhelming Celebrity Encounters, it’s Underwhelming Celebrity Accolades!

This week - following nearly four decades of tireless service to St Mirren Football Club and the mustachioed-winger community at large, Renfrewshire Council have decided to honour Tony Fitzpatrick with a gritter named after him.


There before you is the face of a man who is thinking to himself “I always hoped that after signing for the club under Alex Ferguson all those years ago, that one day - yes, one day - my name would be synonymous with keeping all major roads in and out of Linwood free from wintry dispersals”.

Your evidence of similarly underwhelming celebrity accolades, if you please.


Tony said: "People had got in touch with me to let me know I was in the competition and it’s a great honour. I’m very proud to have been chosen.

"I think it’s a great idea, creative and that’s what Paisley is all about at the moment and to see my gritter driving through the streets and helping people, it’ll be fantastic.

“For the people that voted, thank you, it really does mean a lot and that’s from the heart.”

Thing is, he most likely actually means it, because he’s a lovely lovely man.

Don’t imagine that Ploughlo Grittini would have been quite so glowing.


Some trains are named after apparently random celebrities and public figures.

For example, this one is called “Michael Eavis”


and this one is “Gwyneth Dunwoody”