Underworld - Past, Present & Future


This is very fine. Reminds me of the times when Mark E Smith would rant over electronic tracks for people.


Did they play this last night on that bbc4 bit? Only saw from rez onward.


Yeah, about three songs in. Juanita / Kiteless, then Two Months off, then this I believe…


This is good too. They’ve built epic playlists of their music, broken up into mood and taste. So if you only like instrumental recordings, here they are. Or bangers. Or in-between. Etc. Cool idea…



Stodgy as fuck


Underworld are one of my top 7 or 8 bands and I’ve seen them live many more times than any other band (circa 25 - and the majority have been great) which is to qualify that I do love them but this is one of perhaps only 3 tracks in the discography that I dislike.
Relatively mundane track with Iggy Pop (who I have respect for) coming out with what seems to me an “uninspired rock n roll yarn that verges on the sexist” as lyrics.
I’ve heard others praise it though…


Tend to agree with you. Isn’t great…

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Yeah, it sounds ok, but the “lyrics” are terrible. The follow-up single is a bit tragic too.

It’s like “Pop Goes Brexit”

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Absolute banger. As for the sexist lyrics, he’s recounting a tale from years ago. Don’t see a problem with it.


Saw them do a big festival set this weekend. That ‘smoking on the airplane’ song is an embarrassing pile of garbage. Don’t think the crowd were too into it either

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It’s not great, but it’s still not as bad as Barking.


What are the Brexity parts?


Looks like they might be doing another set of studio broadcasts. The last lot were really good…

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So I was wrong. Drift is a series of films with new music.


That ‘Dexter’s Chalk’ track is a proper techno beast…


@moderators please can you change the title of this thread to “Underworld past, present & future”


Really hope some of these Drift series tunes get a vinyl release. This is absolutely beautiful.