Underworld - Past, Present & Future

Yup, not there.

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Another no. Fucking just tour properly for once eh lads !

Anyone got around to Drift yet? Big non-album project release tunes and films each week. Will probably stick it on random as the soundtrack to work next week.

In the meantime, this is the promo single - an absolutely punishing beat.

Liked large chunks of the first 2, 3rd didn’t do much for me.

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loads of chat about Drift upthread. I’ve enjoyed most of it but not all, that’s to be expected with releasing music every week though I guess.

Wembley Arena is ugly but I’ve always found the sound is good. It’s a Saturday. I reckon I’m in.

And not that I’m old or anything, but I’m seeing The Chemical Brothers in Brum the weekend before.


Playing WHP Thursday 5 December

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Curious about the Wembley gig, standing hasn’t even sold out yet. Any chance of it being downgraded?

Wasn’t convinced until the pad came in. Loving the regular Underworld dosage at the moment.

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I really need to dig into Drift, there’s been some cracking music in here but I just haven’t bothered with it :frowning:

You really should. So many great tunes. A few fails… Not sure about the vocals in STAR personally…

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They’re releasing an album/boxset of it next month


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So a sextuple album of new material, a BluRay disc of all the videos, and a book of all the art and writings. For £60. I’m in.