Unethical life hacks

Ooof, calling ‘too far’ on this one :face_vomiting:


If you’re big enough and confident enough you can literally get into anywhere and the bouncers aren’t gonna stop you.
Also works with community support officers and British transport police.
Doesn’t work with actual police or abroad

Flipside of this is people marching up to you and demanding to know why their train is late.


Used to regularly get a whole table to myself on the transpennine express by getting out a big tray of sushi

Quite recently used a funeral as an excuse to get out of going to work and then didnt go to the funeral

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Did you go to work instead?

I reckon saying an already dead relative has died is a totally ok excuse whilst we’re here.

My dad died (in 2002), sorry.


You just have to make sure you keep track of who you say it’s for. People start getting suspicious when you’ve been to your gran’s funeral for the 5th time

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I’m on holiday at an all inclusive resort and there’s absolutely no checks or anything to see I’m actually staying here or not - no wrist band, no having to provide a room number etc. Anyone could walk off the beach and help themselves at the bar, in the buffet etc.

So you could do that.

No, I’m incredibly ethical.

See u soon


The number of times I’ve used my child as an excuse for, well, anything, is definitely unethical

This reminded me of when me and my housemates realised at our graduation that no one was checking tickets at the entrance to the lunch buffet so the next day we put smart clothes on and went back to get free lunch


I really hate asking for the bill in restaurants, so i always go in first so i can pick the seat with the least convenient angle for attracting attention