Unexpected Bonuses

I got a pair of small black lacy knickers with my asos order this week. Also got seven packets for French Fries in a six pack.

You had any unexpected joy recently.

Antidote to the bleakness of the top four threads:



Had four numbers come up on the lottery last week. £120. Get in.


You reckon they’re going to be more or less skid-proof than those sheer ones you bought the other week?

Many congratulations. Pretty good payout for four, no>

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I don’t think they would even be able to contain a skid.

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My hire car has a CITY mode.

No idea what it does, but I’m assuming that when it’s switched off we’re in SPORT mode.

Just had a look fo you. They are Gilly Hicks ‘cheeky’.

I reckon you could do a reasonable Bane impression with those.

Oh, apparently it makes the steering lighter to help with parking.



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It’s true, only people in cities park, the rest of us just circle.

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