Unexpected Bonuses


I got a pair of small black lacy knickers with my asos order this week. Also got seven packets for French Fries in a six pack.

You had any unexpected joy recently.

Antidote to the bleakness of the top four threads:



Had four numbers come up on the lottery last week. £120. Get in.


colleague bought me a little cake today for no reason. was quite pleased about that


You reckon they’re going to be more or less skid-proof than those sheer ones you bought the other week?


Many congratulations. Pretty good payout for four, no>


I don’t think they would even be able to contain a skid.


My hire car has a CITY mode.

No idea what it does, but I’m assuming that when it’s switched off we’re in SPORT mode.


Just had a look fo you. They are Gilly Hicks ‘cheeky’.


I reckon you could do a reasonable Bane impression with those.


Oh, apparently it makes the steering lighter to help with parking.





It’s true, only people in cities park, the rest of us just circle.


Grandma made me beans on toast when I went to see her last night

Turns out, it’s was beans on toast with tiny dubious meat sausages in