Unexpectedly-related celebrities

You could say he was unkempt


It was always mildly amusing that Fred Trueman:

's daughter married Raquel Welch

's son

I did not know he was in this band

Someone on here recently pointed out that Beanie Feldstein is Jonah Hill’s sister, which I had absolutely no idea of, but now completely see everytime I look at her.


Chip Taylor who wrote ‘Wild Thing’ & ‘Angel of the Morning’ is John Voights brother


Freya Riding’s dad voices Daddy Pig in Peppa Pig.

Also the reasoning behind a particular needle drop in Inherent Vice

I think most people know that Debbie Reynolds was Carrie Fisher’s mum but less well known is that when her dad divorced her mum and re-married for the first time, Carrie’s step-mum was …Elisabeth Taylor


Snoop Dogg & Brandy are cousins

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The way Carrie tells the story of how her dad left Debbie for Elizabeth Taylor (whose husband had just died) in her book is hilarious:

Naturally, my father flew to Elizabeth’s side, gradually making his way slowly to her front. He first dried her eyes with his handkerchief, then he consoled her with flowers, and he ultimately consoled her with his penis.


Yeah, Liz Taylor’s husband Mike Todd died in a plane crash

Also, Debbie Reynolds & Liz Taylor were best friends and both couples hung out a lot, so much so that Carrie’s brother, born in Feb '58, was christened Todd. Mike Todd died in March '58


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they’re all related, the whole thing is a big con


Bobby Charlton is related to famous DiSer Scout


see I told you!


What about Jack?

Theo and Robert Mugabe

Jerome Flynn and Johnny Flynn are half brothers. Despite both being musician/actors, sort of looking the same and having very similar names it’s still a bit unexpected.

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Richard Blackwood and Naomi Campbell used to be step-brother and sister.

GF just told me that Kate Beckinsale’s dad was the not Richard Corbett one in Porridge.