Unfortunate acronyms

Contribute below, genuine or made up…

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Cardiff University Netball Team (and many other variants).

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Moro Islamic Liberation Front

STV (formerly Grampian Television) was originally going to be called Scottish Highlands and Islands Television.


Groups set up to oppose something fucking love these acronyms. Worked on quite a few projects countering local groups set up to stop wind farms. Nothing double-entendre-y springs to mind but they always sound like ridiculous made up words on the Day Today - DWACK, PLAB etc

A friend once had a course at college called Computer Literacy and IT.
The official acronym was of course CLAIT.

Hmmm, you don’t normally include words like ‘and’ or ‘of’ in acronyms do you…

Trotters Independent Traders

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this one always confuses me