Uni question: how much was/is your student loan?


Felt very old just now when I noted mine was 11k and a guy working here who’s 25 said his was 55k (hi CG).

How much was/is yours?

On balance do you think university was worth it considering the costs involved?


please not this again you’ll make me cry


it def feels as though it’s just a thing that you’re expected to live with forever now as opposed to ever think about paying it off right?


Defo. Just comes out of your wage before it hits your bank account. Best to pretend it’s not happening.


yep unless you earn just under double the national average salary, you won’t be able to pay it off.


University is not worth it for, I’m going to say 85% of the students that attend


just this surreal bonus tax.

i was thinking a lot about how hard it’s going to be for the govt to get money back from EU students who have a loan through the UK SLC. like what are they going to do? demand extradition for not paying?




the idea of having 55k in student debt fully blows my mind. like Neo throwing up in the Matrix


like i have anxiety right now imagining it


kind of meaningless though isn’t it?


Was: about 19k
Is: absolutely no idea


insofar as it’s something you’re just forced to accept and pay off forever, i guess so.


I mean I’ll never earn enough to start paying it off. That alone is a luxury


i think it doesn’t feel particularly outrageous as a concept until you look at, say, france:

" Tuition fees in state universities are among the lowest in Europe. The basic fee for a first-level degree is only 188 € a year, but most universities add significant administrative charges onto that. However the final bill is still relatively inexpensive. Basic fees for second-level degrees are 259 € a year and for third-level degrees they are 393 €. Specialized first-level degrees cost more. So an engineering degrees cost 611 € and medical degrees vary but average 542 € a year.

Health Insurance costs of a little more than 200 € are usually added to the basic fee.

The Grandes écoles have much higher fees. The range is 5.000 – 10.000 € a year, increasing to 15.000 € for engineering schools."


Was: £18k or so after graduating in 2007

Is: £0. Paid it off last month \o/


I was at uni for 3 1/2 weeks, took out a loan of 1000 pounds quid. Haven’t paid back a penny and do not wish to know how much interest I need to pay.

Chuck all their letters in the bin, unopened- that’s fine right?


£18k ish I think?


ideally you should be sending them back with ‘i’m dead now’ written on the front


probably a complicated thing though isn’t it?

I mean can’t you just think of it as like a tax? If you don’t start paying it back until a certain threshold and then it’s a percentage then it’s basically a tax right?