I know we’re not the biggest fans of them here, but this still surprised me a little. Dotcom Bubble 2.0?


Are they the same as lad bible or different entities?




Also 6million wtf


hundreds of jobs?

making memes?



POST of the WEEK

Working down t’memes


Stealing memes off shit subreddits?


zactly. how is that not two people at the very most?


Started by the same guy, but now different companies.


UniLAD was bizarre, I remember it being “ho ho ho look at our ironic laddish misogyny” and then realising a percentage of its audience was taking it on face value and running with that shamelessly with an aggressively brandished venereal appendage… and then suddenly overnight it became one of yer standard “look at these adorable cats and indulge in semi-committal social liberalism” content farms


I guess it probably was, but somehow they got 6million of credit and blew it all before anyone realised



Looking at the article, it seems like £5m of the £6m is from the legal case won by the original founder of the site.


I wish I hated myself and the world enough to make millions from pursuing such an absolutely shit idea to its grim commercially viable conclusion


You’d think from the name that it’d just be one lad

POST of the WEEK

Lads on poor?


A very solid joke right there.


this… is an unexpected post considering the job losses forthcoming, a bit?




Yes, this is sad, I agree