Union of Knives

Remember how good that album was…

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Big fan of Violence and Birdsong. Underrated album

Operated On is the standout. Like the album as a whole but would’ve loved for it to have a couple of more beefy tracks like that.

Well now, what an absolute smasher!

Away to put Lick Black Gold on

Love Violence and Birdsong. I’ve played it over and over almost obsessively and it really is an excellent piece of work - the mix of tender vocals and bruising electronica is nigh-on perfect. Hard to believe that they couldn’t make a long career of it after this.

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Really disappointing that they were shafted by their label and had to disband. They were really great.

i saw them play once at oran mor, they were very good

what actually happened with their label?

i still have a cd somewhere with earlier versions of all the songs from the album that sounds way better that was eventually put out, the cd is listed as “beef music” as they hadn’t settled on a name at that point

my mate used to work in sleazies with craig and i think he got it from him

Beef Music is a great name for any release to be fair.

Not like I got this from an official source but word around the campfire was that the label was happy with the debut and then got them to record the follow up, UOK wanted to go more Nine Inch Nails and the label wanted them to get poppier (maybe Chvrches before there was a Chvrches?). They recorded the album, label didn’t like it so they shelved it, label owned the recordings so the band couldn’t put it out, they were broke, called it a day, probably in debt too.

Real shame, saw them at the Arches when the album had been recorded and the stuff sounded amazing, despite the guff sound in the venue.

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My friends band supported them at The Barfly once. I hadn’t heard of them beforehand and I was totally blown away by how good they were.

I bought the album at the show and it still gets the occasional listen. Might give it a listen again this weekend.

Glad to see such a following for this under-rated and overlooked band…I dig out the LP occasionally or a track will come up on shuffle and its invariably better than I remembered…

Check out Song Of Return - the next project after UoK. Saw both live, both excellent.

Weirdly a song of theirs came on shuffle this week - We Can’t Go Wrong I think - and now this thread. I never met anyone else who knew who they were. Will have to listen to album in full now.