Unique and cool things to do in London for a 40th

It’s my 40th in July and the missus and I want to do something exciting in town for a day/night. We’ve done Punchdrunk already and floatation tanks and galleries, but I was wondering if there’s any hidden, eccentric activities we haven’t considered.

We like music, theatre, film and art but want something a bit off the beaten path. No West End shows or standard gigs.

I want to hit up Third Man and Denmark St. I was thinking maybe a cool speakeasy type place for a drink - any hidden gems?

Recommendations welcome! And thank you!

Potentially useful thread here:

Time Out’s guide to speakeasys:

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If you’re going to Denmark street and third man anyway, Murder Inc is between the two and is better than nearly any other cocktail bar in the city (in my opinion as a functioning alcoholic).

Swift is also nearby but is less speakeasy vibe


marble arch mound?


As another option people are largely unaware of but which absolutely kills, Below underneath Hide restaurant is a charm

As a serious answer if you’re into craft beers and the like, there’s the Bermondsey beer mile which is pretty fun (other beer miles are available)

I can’t believe they took the marble arch mound from us. Any time we are in the vicinity of marble arch me and my girlfriend talk about the mound for 20 minutes


The tour I often recommend to visitors who claim to have ‘done everything in London’ is this lesser known historic venue:

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in the same vein of ‘people forget/don’t know it’s there’,

omg it’s Waterloo weekend :o

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So you’re not ruling out the ABBA Voyage? You should go to that, it’s great.

Leave the country. That’s what I did on my 40th. It was great, didn’t even feel like my birthday.


the 40th of which month?