Universal ban on referendums


Hungarian anti-immigration

Nothing but trouble, I tell you. How do we get one of them petitions going for the world parliament?


At least with the Hungary one, over half the population couldn’t even be arsed with it, thus invalidating it. But yeah, they’re a terrible idea.


Should referenda be banned

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  • No

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here you go:

Should the World Government ban the use of referendums?

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  • No

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Should referendums be banned

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  • Davidoff Cool Water

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Should it be referenda? (Some other dweeb can make a poll)


In my very own words, not googled at all: ‘Referendums’ is logically preferable as a plural form meaning ‘ballots on one issue’ (as a Latin gerund, referendum has no plural). The Latin plural gerundive ‘referenda’, meaning ‘things to be referred’, necessarily connotes a plurality of issues.


referendums and referenda are both acceptable plural nouns, I think (referenda sounds better though)

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^ says “musea”