Universal condiment exceptions


Obviously we all accept that BBQ sauce is superior to tomato ketchup in absolutely every way - but you wouldn’t do BBQ over ketchup with a sausage roll, would you? No you would not.

I’m sure there are other examples.


There’s so much wrong with this OP I don’t even know where to begin.

Ahm oot.


You’re going to miss japes insisting that mustard goes with everything in a minute.


Brown sauce for bacon sarnies.


[abandon reply]


Here he is.


Prawns and mayo - great
Prawns and sweet chilli - great!

Sweet chilli and mayo anywhere near each other - :nauseated_face:


Had Bull’s-eye bbq sauce last night. Not bad.


Absolute shambles


i would eat sweet chilli mayo, happily


Epimerise is right


Mustard with fish and chips = great :+1:


Or even Epimer


Ketchup is the devil’s milk


Sometimes people like to have tartare sauce or American mustard.


having thought about it, i don’t think there’s a condiment i wouldn’t eat




not a condiment i’m afraid


Fair point


Good sauces for dipping pizza in:
. Reggae reggae
. Encona
. Mustard

Bad sauces for dipping pizza in:
. Ketchup