University (polls, maximum chat)

  • I went to university and got a bachelors degree
  • I went to university and got a masters degree
  • I have more than a masters (phd etc)
  • I went to university but dropped out
  • Never went in the first place

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  • I am glad I went to university
  • I regret going in one or more ways
  • I am glad I didn’t go
  • I regret not going

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  • I enjoyed my time at university as a whole
  • No I didn’t

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Dropped out in second year, don’t have many regrets in my life but that is one of them. Didn’t give it enough of a chance.

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Really wish I’d not gone in terms of the actual degree. Cost a lot of money and has been of zero use to my life. But on the other hand I found a city I ended up living in for nearly 15 years, met my wife and a lot of good friends as a result and had a lot of good times outside of/after university so who knows.


Can you make it a different poll for each uni please?

Because I fucking hated my undergrad degree town. The degree itself was ok, but the place was vapid and full of Hollyoaks wannabes/WAGs.

I did my master’s in Leeds, which was WOOOONNDERFUL.


Dropped out in 4th year :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Only really realised much later on that I was massively suffering with mh and it wasn’t just because I’m the laziest person who ever lived

Now studying for an OU degree and determined to finish that

  • Liked all my places of further education
  • Liked some but not all
  • Didn’t like any

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Did a degree in Fine Art. Got a first. It’s served absolutely zero purpose in any further dealings in life. It was fun though.

  • I have done a remote/OU degree
  • I haven’t but plan/want to
  • No

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Best three years of my life by an absolute mile. There’s things I’d do differently ofc and I’ve definitely grown as a person since then, but if I could do it all again I’d do it without a second’s thought.

Actual degree was of somewhat limited value and skills I could have got elsewhere I guess, despite the mountains of debt I don’t regret going in the slightest.

  • I left the town/city I went to university in straight after graduating and went back home
  • I left the town/city I went to university in straight after graduating and moved elsewhere
  • I stayed in the town/city I went to university in for 0-5 years
  • I stayed longer
  • I still live there
  • I went to university in my home town/city

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I feel like you could draw a bathtub-type curve to represent how glad I was to have gone to university:

  • at the time: absolutely loved it
  • first 4-6 years after graduation: felt quite negatively, regretted not having completed something like engineering or something ‘useful’, was working with a bunch of “university of life” types
  • since then: have gradually regarded it more and more fondly, thinking that there were a bunch of skills that weren’t explicitly taught through my degree but that have come in really handy, not just in work but in general life.
  • I do a job related to my degree(s)
  • I do not

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Wish I’d worked a bit harder, but I turned out alright.

It’s definitely informed my view that education shouldn’t be seen as a series of learning events, but actually a way of learning how to learn (if that makes sense)? I did a maths degree, and while I don’t use the advanced maths I studied, I know how to apply myself to problems, which is definitely helped by having to abstract my brain to prove stuff like Pythagoras’ theorem


Tbf I probably shouldn’t have spent the first 2 years drunk and high as a kite, might have got some work done.

  • 1st
  • 2:1
  • 2:2
  • 3rd
  • other

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Fucking 59. 60 would have been a 2:1. Mrs F did the same degree years later and got a 2:1 and she just looooooves to remind me.


Only went as a mature student (twice, one MA in 2018 and another that is currently kind of on hold that im not sure if i should complete but its in stages anyway so i am still qualified just as a PGCert so far) and did both online - the first was more because of childcare, the 2nd was because of covid.

Glad i didn’t go when i was younger as would have done the wrong thing and absolutely would have failed. Glad i went later in life but really wanted the classroom experience.

I have a first Media Masters and it’s a load of old nonsense (we had an eight week seminar on memes) but it was improbably helpful in blagging my way into work, I guess. I worked in media for a bit but not anymore, although things I learned during my time there still comes in handy.

Bachelors was nice for expanding my country mouse naivety and :hibiscus: :white_flower: finding myself :white_flower: :hibiscus: but also a lot of drama, alcohol intake and dodgy social circles I’m glad to have far behind me. I was too busy and stressed during my masters to be social really.

*dropped out of my Masters before the dissertation, so got a PgDip (but paid full whack lol)

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Yeah I wish I’d not gone when I was 19, I’d get a lot more out of it now.