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There’s a degree i reaaaaaaaaallly wanna do this september but cant afford to

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I will portion off a small part of my imaginary lotto winnings for you.

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Thank you. In the meantime i will continue my addiciton to doing short courses online (enrolled in 14 at the moment :see_no_evil:)

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It was wasted on me at the time tbh. Not really mature enough to make best benefit of it, too much time watching Neighbours and Columbo and playing Telly Addicts in the pub. Started off doing Physics and Astronomy but dropped the astronomy because it was a lot harder and less exciting than I’d thought it would be. Having the degree definitely helped me get my jobs but not really anything to do with it


My degree is in Creative Writing btw so no surprise that it’s absolutely useless.

Yeah, same. One point off a 2:1. Ah well.


Exactly this.

Did an illustration degree. Now an accountant

Hated where i went, but made some mates for life (well, 2)

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I owe almost everything good in my life to university and universities (wife, friends, career if it can be called that, probably half to three quarters of the things I’m interested in, living across Europe, dramatic reduction in various kinds of political and interpersonal naievety etc etc). Although of course most of those could have been got otherwise too, and there are so many things that could be changed for the better about they way universities are run, funded, what they are even supposed to be for etc etc, it was unquestionably the best thing for me. Never managed to figure out exactly what I was supposed to be doing at any stage in them until it was slightly too late to properly take advantage of it though


These days a lot of places would have given you a 1% nudge upward. The degree grading system is nonsense and needs doing away with imo.

  • Worked hard, played hard
  • Worked hard, didn’t play hard
  • Didn’t work hard, played hard
  • Didn’t work hard, didn’t play hard

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Started my degree when I was 28 and it was a specific one to get into a specific field. A great decision and I did really well, which was both satisfying and great for my terrible confidence.

In contrast when I was 18 I basically stopped going to school cos I hated it and barely passed my a-levels (DEE) as a result.

Third year of uni (2011) may well be the best year of my life

  • Russell Group university
  • Other ‘prestigious’ or traditional university
  • Former poly/technical college etc

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Agree with those saying should have done it later on

18/19 is very young I think. The quality of my work from my degree, bar a couple of exceptions, is shocking. Think i was prrobably just really annoying to the mature students and not that interested

Having said that, by the time later on came, i was training towards a totally different career

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Also, i probably only went cos it was the done thing in 1999

I think 18/19 is definitely too young to manage a combination of an increasingly pressured and important workload and the demands of domestic independence (normally for the first time)


I didn’t go because I didn’t know what I wanted to do and was encouraged just to get an office job straight from school, which I did.

I didn’t really like being away from home so I don’t know if I would have hacked it but would be a very different person if I did go. But then again I have no debt and a semi-decent job so I just missed out on meeting loads of mates :cry:

  • Took a gap year first
  • Went straight from school

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A “plate glass university” apparently, which doesn’t fit into any of these


Would have preferred this, or encouragement to learn a trade tbh. Everything at my school was set up to try and get as many students into university as possible, and if you didn’t want to then you were largely just ignored and dismissed as a failure.