Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Loved loved loved Multi-Love so have been really looking forward to their 4th. New single’s come out today and it’s quite a shift in direction. Sounds like Them Crooked Vultures…

Heard the new single on the radio this morning - pretty nuts, but pretty damn good IMO

Annoyed they aren’t coming to Brighton again - UK tour seems pretty minimal. They were awesome at the Concorde a couple of years ago

Huh, not what I was expecting. Think it’s a like but not love track for me.

I liked Multi-Love as an album but think the two singles (Multi-Love and Can’t Keep Checking My Phone) stand head and shoulders above the rest of it.

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Can’t wait! Shame about the cover art though. The last three have great sleeves.

Oh ya, very Hendrixy. There’s always been hints of it in there but this is pretty balls to the wall Hendrix. I like it.

Really like this, surprised it’s been out to tease the album though, it’s very low key. That end is ace, kicks off to just the right level.

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They’re playing Royal Albert Hall later this year which should be fun! Tickets going on sale tomorrow at 9am.


Fuck yes! This album is killer!!

they are very very good live - so much fun at the concorde for the last album

he is a very very handy guitar player

I think this is a good album but a slight step backward. Each previous album had been better than it’s predecessor but I’d rate both II and Multi-Love above this. Works well when listened to as a whole piece but the individual songs aren’t as strong as his very best hits. Regardless, I’m sure I’ll listen to it loads and have it on a lot in the garden in summer.

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Yeah, that’s exactly how I feel. I kept expecting a standout track that never appeared.

I do really like Honeybee, Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays and We’re Not In Love. The last one I think is probably up there with their very best, but in comparison to Multi-Love their aren’t enough corkers.

Loving this so far, found myself hanging on every note on first listen. Great production, very vibey, with more than a touch of Fagen & Becker in there - in fact, you could say it has Steely DNA :yum:

After first couple of listens…prefer it to the last album, largely because it sounds like there are more tracks that could fit on II than Multi Love. I think II was my AOTY (2013 ?) saw them live a few times that year but my interest dipped with ML, although the singles were good I just never reallly got into the whole album.
They join the list of bands I’m looking forward to seeing at Primavera.

Solid rendition this:

Album’s really grown on me, have listened to it A LOT. Not quite as good as Multi-Love but still very solid end to end. It’s a very dependable album to put on and zone out to.

Loved their Roundhouse and Primavera shows too. Almost tempted by the Albert Hall now.

they are playing Brighton in Nov - can;t wait. Thought they might be too big for Concorde 2 now but no!

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