Unlikely places in which you've done a bodily function (polls)

Ever farted in the House of Commons?

  • Yes
  • ORDER! (no)

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That’s all I’ve got.

Ever done a poo in the (non-Eurostar) public toilets in Gare du Nord?

  • Oh god
  • No, I have not experienced true horror

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Ever done a poo in a current or former royal (of any country) residence?

  • Something about a porcelain throne
  • No

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Starting to think I’m the only one on here who’s truly lived, tbh.

Is it Thursday already?

Ever done a post-sex wee from the top of Monument that caught on the wind and scattered as a fine misty drizzle on a gaggle of pub-lunching city types below?

  • that is vile, you are disgusting
  • I only did it the once
  • is it Thursday ?

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Fuck knows, it’s my first day in the office in four days, you could tell me it was Christmas Eve and I wouldn’t feel confident disputing it.


I’ve had a wee in the woods in the Sandringham estate


Did a poo in my uncles garden once. My cousin told on me and I got in trouble


My uncle buried it


Public tour.

Grim train station.

Public museum/art gallery, or are those only for Tories too?

I weed a little bit yesterday when laughing at a @kermitwormit post.

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keep going

Gare du Nord toilets are obviously bad

but there is a worse public toilet in Paris

there’s a coach/bus parking place behind and slightly underneath the arena at Bercy - it is by far the grimmest place a have ever visited, possibly the grimmest place in the universe

You know that scene in Trainspotting where Ewan MacGregor dives into the loo for his heroin pessary? It’s like Danny Boyle had seen this Bercy Bus Garage and thought ‘yeah, we could do like this but a bit cleaner otherwise people would think it’s too far fetched’


Did a little thigh squeeze to hold it in, recovered my composure.

No other pee business to report.

Took this in a toilet in Hulme.

I did not use it.


that’s grim but clearly not still in use

the one in Bercy looks like this, but with 12 stalls and a massive ‘communal’ area that looks like an abbatoir that’s never been washed down…and was in constant use. French bus/coach and lorry drivers stinking of diesel, gitanes & merde

and I really needed to go

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When I was about 15 I went to a house party, got out of my mind drunk on cider, passed out somewhere, a while later I guess I was sleepwalking and I took all my clothes off, weed on the pile of coats in the spare room then got into bed with my friends mum.

That last year of high school was good after everyone saw me naked and I’d peed on all their clothes (y)


I shat myself while walking the dog. Probably too many Guinness the night before. Anyway I couldn’t believe it, I thought it was a fart! My own body conspired against me, I have not been able to trust it since. The bloody dog didn’t want to go home either and I was in no state to be able to drag him back.