Unlisting / deleting threads

CCB EDIT - okay - first lesson is that I’m shit at moving posts! Anyway, here we go:

Just thought it’d be useful to have this thread available for (a) discussion / comment if people are still feeling a bit low about DiS and (b) for hopefully a response from the @moderators as to what to expect in the future. I’m going to move some posts from the daily thread into here and then if people want to add their comments then so be it.

It might be that everything’s already been said - in which case, no problem, let this thread die naturally.

J_I’s first post below (sorry for butchering it, please forgive me!)

Morning champs. Thank christ it’s finally payday, last time I got paid was the day of the London Christmas DiS meat and that feels like time ago.

Still feeling a bit weird about this place after yesterday. Struggling to get over a regular user’s very innocuous and non-inflammatory post being deleted without their permission. I don’t really know why this has stuck in my craw so much but it has.


Didn’t think this kind of thing happened on DiS these days :frowning:

I think it’s the first example I’ve seen of it but it pretty much goes against everything this place stands for. Not sitting well with me at all.


I’m exactly the same. Wasn’t sure if it was me being unreasonable or overreacting or what but it very nearly made me delete my account. Still not 100% sure that I won’t

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Please don’t! And the same goes for you @jeremys_iron - two of the G-est GBOLs on here.


And @Jeremys_Iron. On the positive side, I think a pretty mature discussion’s come out of it. A couple of years ago it would have been a 300 post ‘beeves’ thread instead


Thanks pal. I know it looks a bit like I’m just saying this to get exactly that reaction but its not the case at all. Like Irons said, something about it has really got to me and spoiled my idea of what this place is


I’m sure it’s something I’ll get over but it absolutely cannot happen again.


Also, should I move this discussion to a separate thread? I think it’s still something that needs resolving properly under its own discussion… @Jeremys_Iron / @anon19035908 / @anon76851889 any objections? (Happy to keep it here if you’d prefer)

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You’re right, and I’m pretty sure whoever was responsible has learned from it. Just don’t want it to be the start of a change in how things happen here

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Yeah do it, cba with all the blurry!

Fine by me m9

Yeah sorry, didn’t mean to offload in the daily thread. Thought about making a thread on it last night but also thought I’d feel differently in the morning. Get that thread made son!

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Just posting to say that ‘stuck in my craw’ is my new fave saying, I think I said it about ten times yesterday (in a work context).

And it’s so apt because it’s exactly how I am feeling too regarding the boards. Something REALLY isn’t sitting right with me just now about what happened in/ to that thread. I dunno- I do sometimes think WTF am I doing posting on this forum anyway, because - a good and supportive and fun place it may be some of the time- so much that goes on whenever somebody stands up for themselves is like sixth form coffee room bickering, and I’m a proper grown up allegedly, so why am I wasting my time even posting here?
However, the Police State goings on of the last couple of days have deeply turned my stomach. I don’t know that I want to be part of this anymore.

Maybe it’s not on to derail another daily thread, but I suspect any specific thread started for the purpose of discussing things could go south pretty quickly.


Is it possible to post what actually happened? The last I read of it the argument seemed to have subsided.

FWIW id be against deleting posts unless they were insulting another user or racist/homophobic etc. But then I guess the definition of “insulting” has to be set

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Posted this in duplicate thread…

I just think that it then creates some myth for people who didnt see the thread. Why did x get deleted, and then they come to their own concussions which might be based on hearsay and incorrect. Not very good at wording this but I think 99% of the time threada dont need to be deleted and when they do it’ll be a unanimous decision.

Yesterday things were only being said, as a user pointed out, that are said throughout things lile the work irks thread. It seems very easy in here sometimes to say something in the joking spirit of almost all the other threads but then for someone to do a u-turn and accuse them of being insensitive etc.

Anyway deleting a thread makes much more of a big deal out of an issue in my mind than just ignoring it.


I’m glad to hear that you have been paid.


Also I generally think the board probably has less arguments than a general group of a 100-odd people would have and also has better support for things like mental health.


Think there’s a touch of over-sensitivity on both sides over this. The forum is self-regulated by users and it’s almost impossible to always get the balance right between a) ensuring offensive posts are dealt with and b) maintaining open chit-chat (for want of a better phrase).

Sometimes people overstep the mark, sometimes the mods will misjudge. It happens. Think the key thing is to be civil when it happens to keep on improving things.


This is the bit that has rankled with me, and i believe, Mr Iron amongst others